stopover singapore (august 2007 until ...)

we always thought about the idea, of working someday somewhere a bit on the way. when brö was asked to work for half a year in singapore, we didn't have to think very long about this proposal and accepted this offer for a new challenge at once.
we therefore will spend the next six months in singapore and will savour a bit of the "asian way of life". brö will "hack" like mad at the (hopefully) air-conditioned office and with some luck there will be something nice to do for patrizia as well, besides wandering for days through all the massive shopping malls and baking springrolls for her spouse. anyhow, we will have plenty of time to welcome friends from all over the world. so please, don't hesitate to pop in if you are around and feel like having a "stopover singapore". we are looking forward to everyone visiting us! see you...

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17.11.11 Geraldton, Australia

Western Australia – this is pure nature! Apparently, in endless dimensions at that! Not only ...
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South Korea

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From „Holy Ignorance“ by Olivier Roy

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