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Argentina and Chile I8 November 2004 - 22 May 2005

Travelogue (Argentina & Chile I)

Our beloved Buenos Aires
City-cycling near the Obelisco
Avenida 9 de Julio
Palacio del Congreso
Plaza de Mayo
La Boca quarter
Citylife in La Boca
Artist in San Telmo
Coffee seller on the San Telmo fair
Tanog on Plaza Dorrego
Tango - erotic and elegant
A tiny bit less elegant - Milonga, tango for anyone
Our Sanish teacher at Cedic
Our flat in the San Telmo quarter
Eeaster feast
View from our flat - of course with one of the nummerous demonstrations
Soccer fans besiege the streets
Piqueteros sorting the garbage
Dog-walker is an official job here
Shoeshine boy on Avenida Florida
Bicycle beauty day
Afterwords an entrecôte in argentinian standarts
And for dessert Alfajores with Dulce de Leche - an irresistible deliciousness
Picada - our aperitif in the Palermo Viejo quarter
Real Parrillada Argentina
Nightlife - after a few mojitos
Change of subject (after the Antarctic cruise): Punta Arenas
Torres del Paine natinal parc
Vagabonds at the back of beyond
View to Lago Nodenskjöld
Pasta in the warmth of the tent - outside there is sleet
Valle Frances
En route to Glaciar Grey
Lago Grey
Glaciar Grey
Camp at Lago Grey
Torres del Paine
Hasta luego!
Beach at Puerto Madryn (Peninsula Valdes)
Curro-seller at the beach of Puerto Madryn
Cordoba - Plaza San Martin with Cabildo and Iglesia Catedral
City life in Cordoba
Cyclists coffeeshop
Altas Cumbres
School in the country
On the Altas Cumbres
Altas Cumbres
50 kilometers downhill - yeah!
Coffeestop at Ruben's, the coffee-seller of Mina Clavero
Arriving in Villa Dolores
In the Radio Champaqui studio
Gaucho-service in Villa Dolores
Proud Argentinian
Stand and answer at the cycle-race in Villa Dolores
Baez - cyclist of the old generation
Swiss card game with Emilio and his family
Pampa Grande
Pampa as far as the eye can see
Goat rush hour
Lagoon in the Pampa Humida
Sanddunes are covering the streets
dune ridges like in the Sahara
Bushcamp in the Pampa
Gauchito Gil
First sight of the snowy Cordillera de los Andes
Pre-Cordillera at Mendoza
First ride in South America
Wheel change Gaucho-style
No Argentinian without Maté
Wine area in Mendoza
Can we really cross here?
En route to Uspallata
Undisturbed rivers
Mountain panorama
Asado with Jorge
Omero and Moro
To the Andean pass
Valley of the Rio Mendoza
Race with the Camiones
Higher and higher...
Just carry on...
Puenta del Inca
Thermal bath with icicles
View of the highest peak of the Americas - Aconcagua
Bank robber armed with a banana
The road is still climbing to the border crossing
Oops, it looks that our tandem has problems in thin air - just before the tunnel
Downhill on the other side (Chile)

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