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Ecuador3 December 2005 - 8 February 2006

Travelogue (Ecuador)

Cathedral of Cuenca
Panama hats made of paja-toquilla
Original Panama hats are hand-made
Cuy - grilled guinea pigs - there's not much meat on it, but the crispy paws are delicious...
Well, here's more flesh on the bones - yummy!
Fresh fish - there is no need for ice up here
Street scene in Alausi
Men are wearing short pants and long braids
Tourist program: Ride on the roof - From Alausi to the devil's nose
Shoeshine boys
Fodder for the guinea pigs
Nope, I don't want to go home yet
Plaza in Riobamba
Guests at Maya and David's
Drive with good sense! - Chance would be a fine thing...
Er, a little tight here?
Fancy a little snack?
Platains in droves
Here the purchases walk home themselves
After the market the farmers are returning to their villages and hamlets
Roadside Gommeria
Our Columbian friends from the hostal
Meeting of the strange vehicles
Recumbent bike from Geneva: Olivia and Yves
Tricycle with trailer from France: Claire and Patrice
Finally a vulcano which is not hiding behind the clouds
Equator: Patrizia on the southern, Brö on the northern hemisphere
Fresh buns
Maria in traditional Otavalo costume
Spinning wool - daily handwork
Farming on steep slopes
Speciality in Baños: Nougat, very sweet and skillful prepared
We imagined the thermal bath of Baños to be slightly different
Waiting for the driver
To earn one's keep by selling small items along the road
At the indoor market
Just finished making sausages - like a little taste?
Scene change 1: Down to the jungle
Rain forest...
By boat into the jungle
Jungle lodge
Brö with Olga
Scene change 2: Back to the highlands
Preparation for race to the top
Cotopaxi: Ecuadors second highest peak
Frozen clothes on the peak of Cotopaxi (5.897m)
Scene change 3: Beach holiday
Montañita: Appaently one of the best surf spots - let's start on the belly...
Camarones - we can't get enought of these delicous prawns
Cheers to our unforgettable journey - second part to be followed
Optimized packing for the flight
Grüezi in Switzerland
8.2.2006: Train ride back to Lucerne

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