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Yemen5 March 2009 - 27 March 2009

Travelogue (Yemen)

Sana'a - Capital of Yemen
Tinted glass windows let the rooms shimmer in all colours
Alleys to get lost in
Some roads serve as temporary canals during rainfall
Clay brick houses as far as the eye can see
Carved oriels, used by women to look out the window without being seen
Sunset above the roofs of Sana'a
View from our room
Minaret of one of the countless mosques of the city
Square at a city gate
Food corner
Photo shooting with the groom
Mosque wit six minarets (probably sponsored by the Saudis)
The shops are closed in the afternoon
Fancy a joy ride through the city?
Quadruped transporter
In the endless suq (market) of Sana'a
Qat chewing merchants
All of Sana's women were wearing a chador
Public wells are spred all over the city
In the background a salta shop and the flat bread to spoon it up
Salta dish with the lovely staff of the hotel
Trip planning
... and studying the route
Constructive chaos?
Finally : Our tandem arrived from Singapore!
Hubble-bubble for dessert
Even we have to duck our heads with these doors
Afternoon tea at Mohammeds
Wow! This size of bread is exactly our taste
Men's chat in a courtyard
Quasimodo preparing tea
Afternoon pastime : chewing qat
Waiting for the fresh bread in front of the bakery
Kids playing soccer everywhere
At the spice market
Wheelbarrow stalls
Glittering dresses and underwear from the bargain counter
Park benches would be out of place here
Day laborer waiting for their turn
Meat skewers
... what's better?
Jambiahs and matching belts
Who needs busses...
Traditional dances on Fridays
Tea house
Manageable range of goods
Waiting for the rain
Precious water
The desert is covering the road
Stormy winds
Water transport
In a beach cafe at the Red Sea coast
After the feast
Relaxing atmosphere inside a mosque
Jemen's Mosques were quite poor compared to other countries
Repair shop for hubble-bubbles and alike
Hubble-bubble hangout
Mango curtains
Sitting corner at our hotel in Zabid
The camel does its rounds around the sesame press
Deep fryer, not TÜV certified
Snack at the counter
Chicken slaughter on piece-work
... but the engine is as good as new
Quick snack before heading home
Flat breads are being freshly baked in every restaurant
Live entertainment in the hotel in Manakha
Chewing qat
Former coffee plantations
In the Haraz mountains
Al Hatab
Satellite reception even in the remotest corner
The donkeys are being loaded with water for the inaccessible hamlets
Son of the village sheik
Weekly market in Manakha
The (male) population of the surrounding mountain villages gather once a week
Tobacco seller
The coffee merchant shows some legs
Salta kitchen
And another feast
Qat plantation in the irrigated valley
Jewish house
Fields around Shibam
Traditional dresses (left)
Cistern in Thila
Ready to hit the road for the first time since 20 months
Police escort until we reached the main road
Selem on his bike
Camp at the one and only palm for miles
4 easy steps for the flat bread bakery in the desert
Cola stop at the village shop
Sand castles made by crabs
Splendid and empty beaches line the coast
The steep slopes, the humidity and the heat are unbearable
Camp with a view
A not very busy road
Fresh fish as provision?
Where can we put the petrol card?
Tamam! (OK!) - the shot is perfect
Bye bye Yemen - what a memorable time!

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