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Tibet10 October 2009 - 26 October 2009

Travelogue ( China / Tibet)

In the train from Xining to Lhasa
The train reaches 5090m ASL
Potala palace
Vacuum-packed tea eggs, not bad
Yak butter
For sparkling white, gold- and silver teeth
Butter tea gives you strength
And above all the watchful eyes of the army
Group picture in front of the Potala Palace - start of our bike tour
Our crew
Notice the black spot
On top of the first pass
No Photoshop, the water really was so blue - honestly!
Camp on the high plateau
The kitchen crew was preparing a hot lunch every day
And of course a sumptuous dinner
... and even a cake sometimes
Solar water heater
And for the cold winter: dried yak dung
Fancy a test ride?
The glaciers were just beside the road
And another pass conquered!
Public toilets ...
... and hotel rooms China style
Together maybe, but who dictates the rules?
Hundreds of prayer flags on every mountain pass
Sheer luxury, a shower tent
What a combination: pizza, fries, fried rice and dumplings
The morning temperatures were well below zero
3 pairs of gloves, 8 layers on the upper part of the body, 4 pants on top of the other, 3 pair of socks and overshoes
Highest pass on our tour: Lakpa 5'260m ASL
This would be a fancy school bus, wouldn't it?
Morning routines
Side trip to Mt. Everest base camp
Endless switchbacks
Meagre meal
Glance over Mt. Everest - a smashing sight!
Cool bike computer, huh?
Everything needs to be inspected very carefully
Need a wheel change?
Breathtaking camp site in front of the world's highest peak
Sunset at Everest
At the Mt. Everest base camp
Only mountains, blue skies and us - what a feeling!
No river bed ...
... that's the road
Tibet with heart
Crispy cold
The last pass ...
... the first fields ...
... it's getting more green and warmer
Tumbling down kilometer after kilometer
Bye bye China - ...
... hello Nepal!

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