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Thailand20 March 2010 - 8 July 2010

Travelogue (Thailand)

Merry Xmas – welcome to Thailand
Glitzy, shiny Bangkok...
... at least in the shopping district
... and of course in the shopping malls too ;-)
Kao San Road - the backpackers quarter
Noodle stalls are never far
Well, maybe the less-hot sauce
Tuk tuks are only for the well off tourists - people like us take modern aircon taxis, it's much cheaper!
Palace guard
Long live the King!
Royal Palace
Reclining Buddha
Relaxing after sightseeing
See chapter "Philippines"
10 weeks later back in Bangkok - waiting for the connecting flight to Phuket
One week liveaboard on the M/V Mariner One
Crystal clear sea around Similan Island
Yvonne and Valentijn from the Netherlands - the third reunion after Iran and Nepal!
Diving - eating - relaxing - diving - eating - ... what a life!
Tsunami monument in Phuket
... and evacuation plans
Khao Lak beach
Southeast Asia: Exactly the same, but still a little different
... e.g. not cows but elephants crossing
This is Phuket! Paradise?
Electrical store - inspired by sex tourism?
Unfortunately, our route went very rarely along such beautiful and empty roads
Rubber tree plantation
Offerings everywhere
Lunch at a roadside café
Looks hot ... let's try ... woahhh!
Phang Na bay
Limestone cliffs and islands along the coast
James Bond Island (from "The Man with the Golden Gun")
Posing during the school trip
Helmsman on the longtail boat
Petrol station kiosk
... for the stout buses?
Monks prefer the safe and slow way
The Gods must be really thirsty
On the way to Krabi
It is sooo hot!
Papaya tree
Bloody hell! Over forty degrees and 95% humidity...
... no more smiling
There's only one solution: ICE!
Offerings for... what exactly?
Local fishing boat
Not long after men started walking erect, they got overrun by traffic
For once filtering water the easy way
Hold on a second, is it seafood or chicken?
On the ferry to Koh Lanta
Chilling under the fan this is much better :-)
Sunset at the infinity pool
Finally we found them, the (quite) secluded beaches
Rolling sand balls all day long ...
... until the next high tide dissolves them again. Greetings from Sisyphus.
Really - everything is being deep fried here
... even ice cream!
Though, that's actually pretty tasty
Back in Krabi Town
Afternoon tea on wheels
Serious preparations ...
...for the New Year's water fight
For three days water slashes from buckets, cans, hoses...
Nobody keeps dry during the Thai New Year's celebrations
...not even the monks in the bus
Here comes the lime squad
100% UV proof
Dried squid is being heated over charcoal and smoothed through a roller
The best Thai food just around the corner
Who says our tandem is bulky?
Flex the trunk muscles, kiddo!
Ayutthaya - former Thai capital
Night stroll through the ruins
Survival kit for the afterlife?
Offerings: Money ...
... and gold
A Buddha statue is getting re-dressed
Well, then it's probably only another small step to enlightenment
These feet need a scrub
Voilà: Pedicure for Buddha
Organic all-around headrest
Lotus flower
Another side trip - seven weeks Indochina. See corresponding chapters
After that, short cut southwards
This is not a lazaret: 2nd class sleeper – comfy!
Afterwards via ferry to Koh Tao ...
... and meeting the tandem couple Jen and Dan from England - for the second time, after Nepal
And even the Dutch cyclists tagged along!
Oops, who left these droppings?
Girls night
Having fun!
24 hours taxi service?
...and afterwards to the cabaret show
Girl or boy?
Tina T. goes wild
...and sexy
Yesss, we'll grab these costumes for next carnival
No, no magic mushrooms... at the most too much shisha
Let the hot air balloon fly - make a wish!
Fire show at the beach
A Thai kick boxer is getting ready for the fight
...and we for the next dive
Diving in Koh Tao is a mass machinery
Training for the Advanced certificate
Buddha meets Jesus, Lucifer is having a nap
Pad thai - Yummy!
Pancakes in any imaginable combination
7/11 has taken over the whole country
Mae Haad
Fancy a drink?
No shoes, even in bars and restaurants
Saying goodbye to our dear friends - what a farewell!
Back to the mainland - bye bye Koh Tao, bye bye Thailand

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