tentHilleberg Nammatj 3 GT /
  • A robust, storm proof and spacious tent (actually for 3 persons). The Nammatj 2 GT would be sufficient for short trips but the slightly bigger model offers the longterm-traveller more room for comfort
  • With big apsis, ideal to store all the gear and for cooking when it's very cold or rainy outside
  • The inner tent can be used separately which is great in very hot areas (although only when there is no wind)
tent ground
  • The tent ground sheet has a couple of tiny holes and scratches and therefore it was definately worth having a "double floor". Ground sheets are available for all Hilleberg tents.
each 1 mattress, incl. coverTherm-a-Rest ProLite 4 Regular / Woman /
each 1 silk inletSea to Summit Ripstop Silk
each 1 down sleeping bag, incl. cover
  • Down sleeping bags can be packed much more compactly than synthetic ones of the same temperature range.
each 1 pillow with coverOrthopedic travel pillow (inflatable) /


each 1 pair of sandalsTeva Terra Fi /
  • Absolutely great shoe on every terrain. No matter if cycling, trekking or wading in water - you can always rely on your Teva sandals!
each 1 pair of trekking shoesHanwag Robin Lady, Lowa Pinto Men / /
each 1 cycling pants
each 2 pairs of shorts
each 2 (cycling-)T-shirts
each 2 trekking pants long
each 1 trekking pants (warm)
each 2 shirts, blouses
each 1 windstopper jacket
each 1 windstopper vest
each 1 thermic pants without inset
each 1 pair of knee warmer
each 1 thermic underpants
each 1 thermic shirt long
each 1 facemask /
each 1 beanie
each 1 scarf (buff)Chaskee / /
each 1 suncap Chaskee / /
2 scarfsilk
each 1 gore-tex rain jacketLa fuma Unlimit Gore-tex Paclite /
each 1 pair of rain pants
each 1 pair of thermic gloves
each 1 pair of windstopper gloves
each 1 pair of gore-tex gloves
each 1 pair of waterproof socksSealskinz
  • You can wear this socks in trekking shoes (or in sandals) and they are totally waterproof. Unfortunately, the gloves of the same brand do not offer the same reliability.
each 1 pair of rain gaiters
each 3 pair of socks
each 4 sets of underwear
each 1 silk pyjamaAlkena, T-Shirt and Shorts /
  • Very comfortable to wear (keeping cooling by heat and warm by coldness), packable very compacty and has the advantage of being "presentable" at all times ;-)
each 1 swimming trunks / bikini
each 1 sarong
each 1 towel, washclothSea to Summit Quick Dry
  • A tiny washcloth can perform miracles! Indispensably for washing off the sweat, salt and dust after a long hot cycling day
each 1 money belt


toiletries bag
dental floss
nail scissors, nail-file, tweezers


Don't forget to bring the instruction leaflets, at least for the most important drugs like malaria treatment and antibiotics. Put some adhesive tape on the back of the blisters to prevent damaging of the thin aluminium foil.

waterproof boxOtterbox
  • Waterproof palstic box
contusions, pulled muscles, sprainse.g. Voltaren (Ecofenac Lipogel)
greasy creame.g. Bepanthene plus
antiseptic ointmente.g. Vita-Merfen
stings, sunburns, allergiese.g. Fenistil (Stilex)
nose creame.g. Rhinogen
  • Moisture for dried out mucous membrane in very dry areas.
eye dropse.g. Collypan / Voltaren Ophta SDU
  • Decongestive, anti-inflammatory, painkilling
painkillere.g. Panadol, Dafalgan
painkiller, anti-inflammatorye.g. Ponstan (Mefenaminsäure Sandoz), Aspirin
travel sicknesse.g. Stugeron forte
allergiese.g. Claritine (Lorado)
diarrheae.g. Immodium (Lopimed)
stomach/heartburne.g. Nexium
antibiotice.g. Ciprofloxacin (Cip Eco)
malaria treatmente.g. Malarone
  • As we are usually travelling for longer periods in malaria areas we do without prophylaxis. It's not recommended to take this drugs over months. The best protection is still to wear long clothes in the evenings and to use a good moskito repellent.
several band-aid, steri strip
elastic bandage, compresses
  • Not necessary in our opinion. If there is a drug available which needs to be injected there will certainly be sterile syringes around too.
latex gloves
cotton bud
first-aid blanket
  • Well, a thing to argue about. Will we ever use it?
medical guide
  • Has been sent home due to lack of place.
  • Could be handy for people who have no clue about drugs and illnesses though.
small first-aid kit
  • A tiny first-aid kit for short trips spares you from unpacking and carrying the main first-aid kit.


stoveMSR Dragonfly /
  • Not exactly quiet, but it burns any kind of fuel you can think of and it has got a handy adjustable nozzle.
gas bottleMSR bottle 0.3l /
  • We carry the extra fuel in a PET bottle if necessary.
water filterKatadyn Vario /
  • We replaced the MSR Waterworks filter with a Katadyn Vario. This model proves to be much easier in handling and allows you to filter the water almost effortlessly (in comparison to MSR)
water desinfection tabletsMicropur /
water bags (10l + 5l)Ortlieb
  • We normally carry extra water in big bottles or canisters on the trailer. Only if it's really necessarey we also fill up the wobbely water bags.
foldable washbasinOrtlieb
  • A real handy thing, especially for hand-washing.
pansMSR pan set with non-stick coating
  • A big pot (small pot not necessary) and a frying pan.
ladle, pan holderMSR /
  • Foldable ladle which can be stowed in the pan.
2 plates
  • Plastic plates and cutlery fit in the pot.
2 cupsTupperware
  • With a lid, to carry leftovers if necessary.
2 cutlery sets
  • Avoids scratches as we often eat directly out of the pot.
swiss knife
  • Indispensably not only in cold areas.
washing-up liquid
towel, scotch-brite
  • A lot of them and depening on the country in different variations.
and of course a lot of provision (depending on area and supply)


each 1 headlampPetzl Tikka Plus, Blackdiamond Zenix
each 1 sunglassesJulbo Spot L Spectrum x4 /
  • Model which fits well for sport and leisure time
each 1 backpack
  • Racks to fix onto Ortlieb bags are available, but we felt they were uncomfortable. We carry two backpacks (each approx. 35l, without solid back).
each 1 raincover for backpack
each 1 waist belt
  • For documents. Not really bullet-proof, but handy to carry all the important stuff in one place.
each 1 wallet
each 1 book
  • Sometimes even a bit more…
1 dazer
  • Carried it for almost 3 years and did never really use it. Water splashes from drinking bottle will do the trick to make barking dogs run away.
1 big knife
  • For coconuts, pineapples etc. Can also be used for evil people (luckily never had to).
3 small combination locks
  • To "lock" the tent or the panniers onto the bike.
toilet paper with bagOrtlieb
  • The clever waterproof bag for the outdoor toilet.
washing powder
  • Usually we also use the mini soaps which are provided in some hotel rooms.
line/cord, pegs
1 mosquito net
  • We don't carry this anymore. Can be cheeply bought in areas where needed.
each 1 mosquito mask
  • dito.
steel netPacSafe XL /
  • After the theft of two bags in Greece we decided to buy a PacSafe. 4 panniers fit well in the steel net and can be so deposited relatively safe.
  • A tiny thing that makes a big noise (personal safety).
card game
writing utensils
small presents, good luck charms
  • Depending on where we are. Usually it's our motto not to give presents away on the road. Only when there is a very special occasion we leave a souvenir behind. Mostly it's a picture of us or, whenever there is a possibility a picture of us with the hosts or the people we met on the road.
Swiss flag
  • The Swiss flag has the advantage of being well seen thanks to its bright red colour and that it gets often misinterpreted as the CICR flag.
  • In addition to the Swiss flag we hoist the flag of the current hosting country on our flag pole of the trailer.


passport, visa
  • It's usually better to hand over a copy and not the original passport.
driver's license
  • Maybe also a translation.
vaccination booklet, blood group card
insurance policy
  • There are no policies as we have terminated all our insurances contracts.
  • Check out the fees for your card transactions. There are huge differences between the cards.
  • We always carry some cash with us (in USD/EUR). We won't tell you where though ;-)
bank cards
  • This is the easiest and cheapest way to get money. Nowadays, ATMs are spread almost all over the world (but not in Iran e.g.).
passport photos
  • For visa applications.
copies of all documents
  • Safe your documents also somewhere online (e.g. Mailbox).
diving permit and logbook
photo album
  • A good way to show something of our own culture; and it's always a hit when we are invited somewhere.
business cards
  • In business card and post card format.
point-it booklet
  • Can be very handy, if you are completely lost for words.
several travel /
  • Undoubtedly heavy to carry but we still feel it's more convenient than an electronic version. And we still don't go without.
  • Maps are essential in our opinion. Reise-Know-How (world mapping project) has a good range which are quite accurate, durable and usually of current date.


rear panniersOrtlieb Bike Packer Plus /
  • The „Packer“ bags offer slightly more room than the roll-up bags and are almost as water proof. And we never really go swimming with it anyway...
  • Still the one and only bags for long distance touring in our opinion.
  • Apart from the bike the bags are the pieces which are challanged the most on a tour. Therefore it pays when you know exactly what you want: The bags should be easy to carry, offer enough space for your needs, easy to fix on the carriers and they should have compression straps. Water resistance is an additional pro.
front panniersOrtlieb Sport Packer Plus /
  • dito
bag for trailerOrtlieb Rack-Pack XL /
bag for carrierOrtlieb Rack-Pack S /
bag for handle-bar frontOrtlieb Ultimate 3 Plus /
bag for handle-bar backVaude Saturn /
  • Qualitatively definitively not as good as the original of Ortlieb but the only one of this small size.
  • Picky tidy fanatics, that's what we are.
sacks and coversTatonka, Ortlieb
  • dito

Technical Stuff

SLR cameraNikon D80
  • Well, a D90 would be nice, but you cannot have it all...
universal lens 18-200mmNikkor 18-200mm DX 1:3.5-5.6 VR
  • A good multipurpose lens, but unfortunately not very good for macros.
  • Unfortunately necessary, because the lens diameter is too big for the built-in flash.
protection filterHoya HMC UV(0)
  • Protection for the expensive lens.
pol filterHoya PL-Cir
remote controlNikon ML-L3
  • Quite handy for self-portraits.
2 memory cards (SD)2GB/8GB
2 spare batteriesNikon EN-EL3e
battery charger
data cable
USB-card reader
  • Not needed anymore as there is a built-in reader in our laptop now.
tripodGorillapod Joby
  • Very useful, but somehow not very solid. Maybe the camera is slightly too heavy for it. We replaced it with a small, lightweight tripod.
compact cameraCanon digital IXUS 850 IS
  • After 2.5 years of permanent usage the IXUS 400 has been replaced by IXUS 850 IS.
memory card (SD)Sandisk Extreme II, 2GB
2 spare batteries
battery charger
cleaning-brush and cloth
notebookAcer TravelMate 6292
  • Nowadays we would probably buy a tiny Eee PC.
notebook pouchCrumpler neopren sleeve
USB harddrive500GB
  • For the backup.
USB flash memoryCruzer 8GB /
  • To synchronize E-mails etc. in the internet café. Plus several portable applications.
travel adapterSwiss World Adapter /
GPSEtrex Vista Cx
  • Includes an out of date and inacurate world map, but at least it gives sometimes a clue of where you are. We use it rarely.
  • Generally speaking a thing which can be left at home unless you are on an extreme-tour.
small binoculars
  • Very rarely used
each 1 watchCiclosport Alpin 5, Casio Baby G /
  • The Ciclosport has a built-in altimeter.
worldband receiverSony
  • Has been sent home: SRI (Swiss Radio International) is no more transmitting on air. So, what's the point?
MP3-playerMeizu MusicCard
  • Only since very recently in our baggage. No clue if we will ever use it because we never really missed it so far...

Spareparts and tools

spare carbon for water filter
  • For approx. 200l
repare kit for stove
spare pole
  • It can happen (and it did in fact) that a pole breaks.
repair patches for mattresses
repair patches for Ortlieb bags
Gore-tex repair-patches
woven tape
  • There is always something to mend and you can "bandage" almost everything with this tape.
insulation tape
glue/contact glue
sewing kit
  • You won't belief how much mending is needed on clothes and material.
spare batteries for headlamps, GPS, watches and cycling computers
  • There is always something to fix in hotel rooms.
watchmaker screwdriver
multi-toolVictrinox Swiss Tool Spirit /
  • Leatherman Juice Tool was absolutely useless because the steel was as soft as warm butter. It has been replaced with a Victorinox model - this is an absolutely great tool. Very recommended.
See also corresponding paragraph under "Tandem"

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