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Oman27 March 2009 - 22 April 2009

Travelogue (Oman and UAE)

Salaam aleykum, Oman!
Camels everywhere instead of flock of sheep
The road is drastically zig-zagging up and down
...we feel tiny here!
On the way to our night camp on the high plateau
Tight up for stormy winds
Field kitchen with sunset view
Oman's road construction engineers are reaching the limits
Downhil to the coast
Our little "villa" with seaview
Camping in the abandoned beach bungalow
Can it get any better?
The roofs of Salalah
The distribution of the population can be read at the post office - look for India's and Kerala's letter boxes
1'000km through the desert
This aggressive intruder has been found in Patrizia's biking shorts one morning!
Frankinsence bushes
Adnan and Ali
Plain nothing
Oman is an organised tidy country
Watch out, sand dune from the left!
Dancing Queen...
Desert nights under the amazing firmament
Road to nowhere
A lonely pole  is the only support to create  a little shade for the siesta
I need a break!
Who needs a cellpone antenna in the middle of the desert - we want a shady COFFEE SHOP!
Antidote against desert tantrum - music!
Morning exercises on the handlebar bag
Camping was definately THE highlight in Oman
Roadside coffee shop
Rare sight: bicycles - of the Indian workers
... Omanis would usually only be on the road by air conditioned 4x4
Our divers heart is bleeding ...
Hammerhead and other baby sharks are on sale
Nomads from the surrounding desert gather at the weekly market
Traditional peaked mask
Dried fish on sale - guarded with a rifle
Camels are stubborn creatures
... especially when they have to be loaded on a transporter
Don't you like it?
Quite progressive...
Back to civilisation
Another usage for satellite dishes
Wow, wifi internet and big coffees
Real Turkish Iskender Kebab - yummy!
... and real Tiger beer from Singapore
Allah's ban of alcohol is not taken very seriously in private clubs
Brö is making friends with the two police officers, better be on the safe side
Dinner with Susan and Sherry, our sociable hosts in Muscat
Mutrah (Muscat)
Corniche in Muscat
Al-Alam palace of the Sultan
Neat buildings in Muscat
Corniche between Mutrah and Muscat
Mutrah by night
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Huge dimensions inside the mosque
Suq (market) of Mutrah
Playing domino in the afternoon
Matching cap for any occasion
Coffee seller
Early morning at the fish market
The fish are cut on piece-work
Qurum beach
Wadi Sham
Northward from Muscat
Lunch break with sea view
Crossing the hills towards the United Arab Emirates

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"The only reality is the present moment – past and future do not have any real existence now."

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