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Antarctica14 December 2004 - 15 January 2005

Travelogue (Antarctica)

Arrival in Ushuaia
Harbor of Ushuaia
Preparing the "garden" on the Sarah
Cordero Patagonico
Patrizia in her Helly Hansen size 'S'
Puerto Williams (Chile)
Into the Drake Passage - at this time everything was still smooth...
Helmsman Brö and the first icebergs
Sarah W. Vorwerk
Going on shore in the dinghy
Seal taking a sunbath
Penguin pair
Couverville Island
Anchorage at Couverville Island
Leopard seal
Elephant seal
Chrismas aperitif
Swiss chocolate on the X-mas tree
Cristmas Eve in the saloon of the Sarah
Chilean "González Videla" station
Penguin art
Chatter at the top of the voice
Port Lockroy (British)
Post office at Port Lockroy
Palmer Station (USA)
Elephant seals posing
Before and after the bath
Lemaire canal
Peterman Island
Peterman Island
Family idyll
To jump or not to jump...
Alternative mode of transport
Other possibilities to visit the Antarctica
Cordero Patagonico
Asado (BBQ) in the Antarctic
Orcas and seals in the penola strait
Slow progress through the drift ice
Look out
Tanja and Bruno
Moni and Ivo
En route to Vernadsky station
Research station Vernadsky (Ukraine)
The famous ozone meter
31.12.2004 - 22.45 - sunset
Happy New Year!
Kalinka, kalinka,...
1.1.2005 - 01.10 - sunrise
Bruno and Dominik are climbing up to the ice cave
There's no longer any come through
We are stuck!
Relaxing afternoon in the pack ice
Communication centre of the Sarah
Pushing through the pack ice
Finally - we made it!
Deception Island
Bath on Deception Island
The few last nautical miles on the Drake Passage
Kap Hoorn - back in South America
On the way back to Ushuaia - after 1568 nautical miles and an amazing journey to the Antarctica

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