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Stopover Shanghai12 October 2010 - 16 October 2010

Travelogue (Stopover Shanghai)

Welcome to Shanghai
Pudong International Airport
Boarding the MagLev (high speed magnetic levitation train)
The acceleration of this high speed train almost pulls your skin off your skull
Shanghai by night
Nanjing Road - one of the world's busiest shopping streets!
Tradition and modernity
Meeting up with old acquaintances along the road
Pudong - the business district
Spacious and pedestrian friendly
Chinese safety standards
People, people... people everywhere!
Descending to the metro station
Ride in the psychedelic "Transit-Tunnel" train
All kinds of species can be found at the bird and insect market
Lunch courier :-(
Not everything is glamorous in Shanghai
Fresh sugar cane juice
Well tanned ducks
... and fried dumplings - yummy!
Loading a bike properly - even we could learn something here
Backdoor of the hairdressing salon
Daily life in the neighbourhood
Huge variety of food at the street stalls
Campfire for ducks?
Fancy some fish balls? Here they come in all kind of flavours
Patrizia fell instantly in love with those fluffy hand warmers
Flyover crossing - a piece of art made of concrete and lights
Stunning pavilions (at least from the outside...)
Reunion with Steve and Liu Yi
Visiting Fiona, Tobias and Carlo
... and off we go again - bye bye Shanghai - a short and intense stay

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"The more you look at the world, the more you recognise people's different values."

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