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Syria8 May 2007 - 6 June 2007

Travelogue (Syria)

Welcome to Syria - this welcoming greet accompanied us through the whole country
Everyone wants to flash a glimpse of our pictures of home
The women of the house - headcovering "slips" a bit for the picture
Fethiye our hearty host
Last tea before leaving
Syria's north: Humble houses made of clay
Mahmet of Kurdistan feels at home in our tent
Syria's north: Cycling along the tiny villages
Taking a break to "cooling" the muscles and the motors
Visit at Ahmet's home - what a big family!
Aleppo - very quite on fridays
Friday (= Sunday) - Kids fetching some fresh bread
Cooling down the freshly baked bread
Lining up in front of the bakery
Finest oriental delights - our favorite: Rose Jam
Aleppo: Umayyaden Mosque
Covering is mandatory for visiting the mosque
Citadelle - Center of Aleppo
Citadelle of Aleppo
Having a leisurely stroll in one of Aleppo's alleys
What would Brö give for such a big coffeepot!
Fridays (= sundays) it's very calm in the Suq
The spices are laid out with great detail - what a wonderful smell!
Coffee, Tea, Spices, Nuts, Oliveoil soap...
Busy alley next to the Suq
Apple-Shisha and çay nana (black tea with fresh peppermint leaves) - wonderful!
Young women are interested in our trip - communication is only possible with "hands and feets"
Modern - traditional - moderate, in Syria the style of clothing is personal opinion
Having a refreshing Tamarin-Juice
Tents of Bedouins
House made of clay - but with Sat-TV
Luckily the signs are bilingual
Diving into the desert
Rose-Jam breads for breakfast
The heat is merciless - having lunch with tomato-cheese bread
Standard Menu 1 for dinner: Spaghetti with tomatosauce and veggies
Poor fellow - sneaked under our tent base and is now as flat as a flounder
Great camouflage!
Succulent flower out in the desert
The river Valley is completely dried out
After the rain: flooded road in the middle of the desert
In Syria you are always welcomed with a warm friendly smile
Sheepfarming: Fundamental part in a bedouin's life
Heading left to Palmyra
Competition of strange vehicles?
Palmyra - fascinating roman architecture
Palmyra is an impressing site even after two millenium
Entrance of Hadrian
Palmyra - the most beautiful ruins of Syria
The colonnade is very popular for a camel ride
Damascus: President Bashar al-Asad seems to be very popular
Reelection for President Bashar al-Asad
Communal fountain with public drinking cup
Display at the Suq
Pompous adornment at the shiite Ruqqaya Mosque
Ruqqaya Mosque: Important pilgrimage destination of the Shiite
Prayer time: Men in the front - women in the back
Searching for a new rim for our tandem - without success
Wow - we would love to have such a motor on our tandem!
What a feast: Lunch with Shannon and Basel
Hammam: The "high art" of personal hygiene
Damascus: Cortyard of Umayyaden Mosque
Damascus: Umayyaden Mosque
Damascus: Taking a rest in the shady cortyard of the Umayyaden Mosque
Exact pre-ordered prayer time
Praying in direction of Mecca
Cortyard of an ancient caravanserai
Entrance to the Suq (market)
Snacks of the Syrian: Nuts and seeds
Each and every bread is formed by hand and baked individually
Modern bakery with big oven
Not to be missed - cosy teahouse Noufara
Busy til night around the Suq
Sinan-Pascha Mosque - Gate to Midan Quarter
Sinan-Pascha Mosque - anytime good for a nap
Range of goods at the market
Damascus: Our absolutely favourite place for Shawarma - yummy!
Suburb of Damascus: Schiite Mosque Sayyida Zainab
Sayyida Zainab Mosque
Finally left Damascus behind - back on the road!
In the land of druse
Heading south
Daily filtering of our drinking water
Amphitheater of Bosra
Bosra: Nasser and his family
Restaurant hall in the village: Comfy place to sleep
Continuing to Jordan!

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