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Philippines29 December 2009 - 19 March 2010

Travelogue (Philippines)

30.12.09: Still Christmas vibe in the Philippines
The Holy Family
Coconut head for Jesus (already with beard)
Wake up service at half past five in the morning ;-)
Bakery stop in Bogu
Crossing by boat to the island of Malapascua - it's getting choppy and soon the rain is starting
Happy New Year 2010!
Malapascua Island - finally the sun has reached paradise
Finally we get to make some bubbles
Preparing the bait (sea urchins)
Holy trinity: Sun, Fun and Mother of God
Waiting for the outrigger boat
You see, it fits easily
The seats under the awning are popular
Hot... (comment Patrizia)
Church on Bantayan Island
Colourful Jeepneys - the pride of Philippines' transport system
Hulking, powerful, noisy
Fish ...
... as far as the eye can see
Sun bathing squids
Preparing Kinilaw - a local delicacy
Oops! Also the young and beautiful have to bite the dust
Kinilaw (raw fish salad) – Patrizias favourite dish in the Philippines
Sleek and fast - the outriggers
Island tours ended up in the sand sometimes
Who can resist here (I mean the breads of course... ;-)
Childhood in paradise?!
Pedal meets horse power
Too often obeyed: Urinate BEFORE using the toilet
Six seats for an exhausted tandem
Reunion with our lovely Filipino friend from Singapore
Very fresh fish - irresistible
San Miguel beer - true Filipino friendship!
Halo Halo - the all-inclusive dessert
Bohol: "Chocolate Hills" - 1200 conical hills up to 120m high
Loboc river ...
... the complete package tour
Palm-sized primate - the tarsier
Look into my eyes baby ;-)
The church of Baclayon is the oldest in the Philippines - of course not without the compulsory karaoke screen :-)
Bohol: Panglao Island - Alona Beach
Alona Beach
Starfish ...
... on silent paws
Delicacy? Sea urchin
Pamilacan Island
At least a few firearm free zones ;-)
Knew it!
How may I help you?
Slums are spreading into the bay of Cebu
Taking a little break from cycling (and from school?)
Yes please, a second helping of those cold sweet Spaghetti
Can food or antibiotics - everything can be found on the shelves of the local "supermarket"
A cyclist friendly facility: Safe Drinking Water (bottle) refilling station
Palawan Island: Cathedral in Puerto Princesa
Fancy a ride?
Street life in Puerto Princesa
Fisherman village at the end of the world
Nice and neat gardens were found everywhere - even in the smallest and remotest of huts and villages
Our bamboo hut in Sabang which we shared with greedy rats
Good company in red -  the Slovenian fellows Vesna and Stefan
Beach stroll into the tropical storm
Underground river winding for miles through a spectacular cave
Chopping a 3kg tuna into Kinilaw
I can smell something...
Geckos: Good friends with big voices in our huts
Waiting for the prey
Coffee stop
Cycling in paradise...
Great for us - Palawan is slowly but surely getting paved
Corner shop providing everything you need in practical portions
Brö has found something special to try - Instant Maccaroni - No comment :-S
On the way to Port Barton
Port Barton is a welcoming place for relaxation
Coconut cracker (sort of)
Come on, this should be a road?
The whole family on a bike
Why is it getting so hard suddenly?
... mmmh ...
... the mud sticks like chewing gum
Stuck - only choice left: Dragging
Unleaded or diesel Coke?
Petrol station Filipino style
Bamboo hut - no reason not to be connected with the big wide world
A trycicle is a cozy place
Jeepneys ...
... made for rough roads
Tandems too
Getting tanned
Street life in El Nido
El Nido: View from our bungalow
Limestone cliffs around El Nido
Subterranean playground: karst caves
Lunch at Snake Island
Snake Island
Great! The only seat left is again the one right under the fully blasting loudspeaker
Manila: The roads are all full of cool Jeepneys
... and cool boys ;-)
Taal Volcano in Tagatay
Boracay: Beach paradise
Any questions?
Crystal clear water at Boracay beach
We are enjoying the beachlife!
Fireshow: The brave way to light a smoke
Okay, now we stop it ;-)
Creative baker
Cebu Island: Moalboal
Snorkelling along the house reef
Big schools of sardines around Pescador Island
Yippee - Gerda and Sven have successfully accomplished their dive course
Sunset at White Beach in Moalboal
We enormously enjoy the company of our dear friends from home
Siquijor Island: Islanders paradise resort in Sandugan
Open-air bathroom - great!
Beach in Sandugan
Life can really be tough ;-)
The sea stars are creeping away when low tide is coming
Forming sand balls - out of boredom?
Entire beaches are full of them
What a great surprise! We coincidentally meet the Irish couple Anna and Diarmuid in the same guest house again. We last saw them in Tajikistan!
Exploring Siquijor by Honda Dream ;-)
Who has the cooler green vehicle?
Salagdong Beach on Siquijor
Salagdong bay: Crystal clear sea
Fancy some Trigger-fish for dinner?
Rice paddies on Siquijor
Negros: Waterfront promenade in Dumaguete
Riding a tricycle is comfy and fun
Travelling like gypsies: Trolly and plastic bags ;-)
Negros: Time to relax at the beach of Sipalay
Sunset drink at the infinite pool bar
Our dear friends are always ready for a surprise: wedding anniversary
Sunset bar
National drink for a delicious Rum-Coke
Tanduay, only for strong men
Farewell eve and good bye - thanks for the great holiday
Rules are rules
How your driving is? Do you really want to know?
The youngest get the best seats...
Fancy some crispy snack?
Adidas - the chicken claws taste delicious when grilled!
We prefer the entire chicken with soy-calamansi sauce  - yummy!
Yes, you guys better stick to chickens...
South Luzon: Mt. Mayon hogging the horizon of cloudy Legaspi
Navigation light
South Luzon: Snorkelling with whale sharks in Donsol - an unforgettable experience!
This whale shark is more than 7m long - luckily it only devours plankton
Manila: Crowded streets on an ordinary weekday
Rose is fighting her way through the crowd
Mangoes and calamansi - typical for  philippines daily life
Rice in handy snack-portions
Smoked fish
Fun and daily hygiene in one
Neighbourhood in Manila
Low season at the shoe shine
Finding our way through the traffic to get to the Airport - Good bye dearest Philippines, really hope to come back one day again!

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