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Jordan7 June 2007 - 23 July 2007

Travelogue (Jordan (& Egypt))

World highest flagpole (136m) - Jordan Nationalflag in 30 x 60 meter format
Jerash: Lookout over the ancient forum and the new town in the background
Gem of Jerash: Colums of Artemis Temple
Camping in the middle of the ruins - permitted and even guarded by the local police
Desertic panorama
Life of beduins - nowadays modernized with 4x4 car and watercontainer
The roads are built to rise into the sky
Thirsty, ... one cannot get enough
King Abdullah Mosque from outside
... and from inside
Life in the streets of the capital Amman
Whatever you are looking for - you'll find it in the innumerable market places
What a nice chat with Ali
Catholic Madaba: Church of Saint George with colorful mosaics
Street life in Madaba
Cosy sitting area in Ottoman style
Indulging ourselves with delicious Jordanian delights - including redwine (!) from the Promised Land
Souveniers: Arabic style brass coffeepot
Desert police in Petra
Passionate Arab
Holding hands with my hubby...?
Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jericho... - the spot where Moses catched sight of the Promised Land
View from Mount Nebo - you can see as far as the Dead Sea and Israel
Downhill: Dead Sea - 410 meter BELOW sea level
Dead Sea: Floating effortlessly on the surface and reading newspaper - totally relaxing!
Locals bathing in their clothes
Enjoying the sunset at the dead sea
Wadi Mujib
Wading in the gorges of Wadi Mujib Nature Reserve
Gorgeous view while cycling
Frozen sea? Nope, the sea is as warm as in the bathtub
Sunset above the lowest point on earth
Not ice but salt cristals
Let's move - it's going to get hot again!
Tea-break in the village's shop
The tiny one wants to give it a try...
Regaling herself with the freshly roasted nuts...
...while Brö can't help himself sniffing around the cardamon coffee-shops
Our beloved bread
We follow the path through deeply carved valleys
Cracked soil - it's bone dry out here
The heat is inexpressible - the temperature reaches almost the fifty degrees celcius mark
Our reward: Beathtaking outlook
Whatever you are craving for - if you can find it...
Hiking in the beautiful Dana Nature Reserve
Carpet on every inch!
Dana Tower Hotel serves every night a fantastic dinner-buffet
Dana Tower Hotel is an inviting place for relaxing
Work arab style - a cup of tea cannot be missed
Geckos "stick"  on the rocks
Very well camouflaged
Riding down the Siq (canyon) of Petra by horse carriage
Walking the 1216 meters through the Nabatean gorge
The rock walls rise nearly 100m vertically toward the sky
Almost there...
View of the Khazne Faraun from the end of the Siq
A phenomenal grandeur: Khazne Faraun
In colossal coulisse carved into the rock
Note the proportions!
Natural art in sand stone
A grave close to Petra's Wall of the Kings
Nature is the best artist
Extreme contrast: A chat within two cultures
Having a chat with the Bedouine woman
Fooling around with Nauwal
Kings Highway - heading further south
There is stong sandy cross wind on our road
Tranquil place for the night
Pushing the tandem from sandy surface back to tar-road
Bedouine boy:  For once riding something else than a camel
Our young business-minded guide
In the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia
Great view up there!
Desert police in full splendor
Better 4x4 than 3 sinking bike wheels...
Yeah - life's great!
Lunch break on goat excrements - in return it's shady!
Mama, what are they looking at?
BBQ lifted out of the subterraneous oven
Delicious dinner in bedouin camp
Sleeping freely under the stars - is there anything more beautiful?
Look into the future - which direction will we take?

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