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Bolivia5 August 2005 - 26 September 2005

Travelogue (Bolivia)

Welcome to Bolivia!
Bike transport to Sucre
Parliament in Sucre
March on National Day in Sucre
Young and old defile on Diŕ de la Patria
National garb at the National Day
Dressed up for the procession
Gelati weather
Market of Tarabuco
Goods are being sold and swapped
Goat-milk cheese and bread, is there anything tastier?
Coca leaves abundant!
At noon even the last bags are filled
Garb defines origin and status
Campesion at the market in Tarabuco
Durable footwear made of old car tyres
Potosí at the toot of the Cerro Rico
Two Mineros armed with dynamite, coca leaves and handmade cigarettes
In the mines of Cerro Rico - young men pull heavy carts on the bent tracks
Seven hours hammering for a single blasthole
Alley in Potosí
Kiosk seller
En route to Uyuni
Seldom something green
Cactus-covered valleys
Up and down
Little Osmar with family
Dry fields - waiting for the rainy season
Farm at the Altiplano
Looking for supply
Anesia in her store
... and always headwind!
Lagoon on 4000 meters above sea level
Salt landscape
Our buddies the pack donkeys
Llama, decorated like carneval
Rosa, a tradiditional Aymara
Lucy, why are you so sad?
Small town life
Sandy track on the Altiplano
Refill water
Camp in a dry river bed
Yummy, spaghetti carbonara (or something like that §-)
Soon it's done - last pass on 4'500m above sea level
Eduardo, Dominga and Evarista
Susana ready for the joy ride
Panamericana cyclists Paul and Reto
Andreas, Yvonne, Begońa, Iker
Quite cool around here- hand-knittet stuff made of alpaca wool
Salt mining on the Salar de Uyuni
Crossing the salt pan
Ragalame! - give it to me! - or I'll help myself
Drawin lessions for Eugenia
Aprés Ski - Sunset in front of the salt hotel
Salar de Uyuni
Road to nowhere
Optical illusions even without Photoshop
Break in the "snow"
Infinite space of the Salar de Uyuni
Incahuasi island in the middle of the Salar de Uyuni
Family on Incahuasi
Salt pan
Llamas on barren land
Alley in Salinas de Garci-Mendoza
 The "Red Cross" on tour - Patrizia translating the package insert
Chicos on the Plaza
Meteorite crater
Challapata - stop for a coke at Margarita and Juana's
Finally paved roads again - let me kiss you!
La Paz
Llaza Pedro Murillo
La Paz - constantly in motion
Street stalls everywhere
Freshly pressed fruit juice
Weeat pops are the big snack here
Amulets, dried Llama miscarriages and all sorts of other good and bad luck charms
At Maria's hat stall - only the long braids are missing...
Brö beams - party bread and Gruyčre chees for his birthday
Cyclists Esther and Dänu with friends
Birthday feast - 34 years Brö
Silvia - our fairy godmother of the hostal
Huayna Potosí 6'088m above sea level
Glacier on the Huayna Potosí
Ice climbing
On our way to the camp
Porkfest - sheltered from the wind
4AM on our way to the peak
Unfortunately the nice view was short-lived - point of return at 5'850m above sea level
Gervasio and Philippa
It get's tropical
Boat ride on the Yacuma
Who's looking so mischievous?
Sunbathing in single file
Yellow monkey
Small voracious Piranha
Jörg and Mirjam, Lise et Romain and Vicky
Lake Titicaca
21.9.05 - on the road since two years
Copacabana at dawn
Cathedral of Copacabana
Plaza of Copacabana
Hiking on the Isla del Sol
Isla del Sol
Hasta luego Bolivia linda - Peru, we are coming!

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