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Iran23 April 2009 - 7 July 2009

Travelogue (Iran)

Respect the law by observing islamic veil. Welcome to Iran!
No sooner said than done - Patrizias Iran Visa
Getting into the mountains quickly - the Persian golf is tremendously hot and humid
... in one of the many water cisterns along the road
TV interview in Larestan
Chatting on the side of the road
Offroad - looking for a camping spot
Evening visitors at one of our camps
Religious procession
Nicely separated between men and women, of course
Wonder if they wished to hop on a bicycle too?
Elaborately decorated ceramic tiles withstand centuries of sand, dust and heat
Ornamented ceiling in on the of upper class houses in Shiraz
Not only teenagers plaster their walls with posters - Villa in Shiraz
Nasir-ol-Molk mosque in Shiraz
Fascinating Persian architecture
Survivor of the desert
Skillful irrigation technique
Relocation, the iranian way
Invitation to one of the innumerable teas along the road
It's a long way to go...
Bursted tube - too much heat probably
Our new picnic blanky - do as the locals do
The three young men have designed and created an artistic mini tandem in metal - a memorable present for us
Visiting Sassan and family
Tower of silence - the place where  until recently the Zoroaster brought their deceased to be consumed by passing birds
One of Yazds alleys
Parting the genders even when using door knockers: knocker to the left for men, other one for women
Baghirs - towers of ventilation for the water cistern laying underneath
Men's talk...
Yazd: Amir-Cakhmaq Square
Yazd: Jameh Mosque
Finely ornamented mihrab
View over the roofs of Yazd
Sayyed Roknaddyn Mohammed Quazis Shrine decorated in gold
Islamic dressing rules apply even to the youngest
Yazd by Night
One of the innumerable mansions - modified into a hotel and restaurant
Cosy courtyard at our hostel
Homemade Persian meal
In the islamic world the shoes are always left outside
Direction to Mecca was found in every hotel room
Instead of Bibles we always found praying blocks in the hotel rooms
Entrance to the market
Teenager among themselves
The whole family fits easily on one motorbike
Street life
Brös most favorite provision for the road - freshly baked
Baby boy Mohammed Hossein wants to be on the picture too
Waiting for the spaghetti water to boil - time to relax now
Camp in one of the caravanserais along the road
Daily ritual in front of the bakery: folding very thin breads
Water for tea is always ready in the samowar
Having fun in the Iranian family circle
Iranian youngsters meet underneath the bridge in Esfahan
Jesus? Nope... one of the innumerable martyrs
Tiles, tiles, tiles...
Antiquated bath-house (hammam)
Tourist meeting point in Esfahan: Holland, Japan, Belgium, Iran, Turkey, Switzerland
Having dinner with motorbikers from Australia
Smoking hubble-bubble with Yvonne and Valenijn - fellow cycling travellers from Holland
Taking pictures is THE thing in Iran
Picnicking in the parc - Iranians most favorite activity
Enthusiastic debates - another Iranian passion
On Esfahans roads - heading northwards
Fotosession on the road
The stylish boys want to have a memorable snapshot with the westerner young woman
Eager bikers marvel at our tandem
Roof top view in Kashan
Ancient mihrab
That's the way those pieces of art arise
Brö, the monster of bread!
Patrizia in her ghost costume
Paykan - the car of choice
Trendy young chicks at the market
Praying block with installed counting device and compass - a beloved novelty among Iranian travellers
Our Persian cheat slips
Typical Persian restaurant
Taking a break from the visa-run
Qom - Hasrat-e Masumeh mosque
Prayer courtyard at Hasrat-e Masumeh mosque
Reception at the professor of Islamic religions office
Christian church with Persian touch
Eternal flame at a Zoroastrian temple
Endless Iranian hospitality
Fully in green - colour of protest after the presidential elections
Visiting Peter in Tehran
Daily life in Tehran
Photosession at Imans home
Taking a nap on a comfy Persian carpet in the living room
And having a good night's sleep in the home of a Tehrani artist
Market hall in Mashad
This is the workshop where our new bicycle stand has been fabricated
Artists working
Esfahans detailed artwork is famous all over the world
Street life
Hey, I've got a cool bike too!
Spending a lovely evening with Vali and his family in Mashad
Good bye Mr. Khomeini

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