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Tajikistan26 July 2009 - 19 August 2009

Travelogue (Tajikistan)

Sunny welcome in Tajikistan
Donkey instead of kickbike races
The men studying the map but we got lost nonetheless...
Daily life
The first rain since months
Chinese-built tarred road up the pass
Cycling through this hole? No way!
Government house in Dushanbe
Posing in front of the Somonij monument in Dushanbe
Deciphering some of the signs was only possible with a little bit of good will
Celebrating Swiss National Day with cyclist Chrigu from Switzerland, Syrian food and wine from Moldavia
That is how our travel stories materialise...
What's missing here? Right... a washbasin!
Plov with mutton and green tea - THE national dish
Carrots for Plov - cutting in piece-work
Business is slow - taking a nap!
Little joyful fruit sellers along the roadside
Ready for the Pamir Highway!
Welcome to ... wherever
A friendly welcome at all times
Every now and then time for a little chat...
... or for  a little nap
Bridges seem to be superfluous here
Posing for the family album
Modern kitchen in a restaurant...
... but in fact they all cook and bake outside
How to stash away these tasty freshly baked breads?
Very dangerous road!
Left bank Afghanistan, right bank Tajikistan
If only every patch of Afghanistan would be so peaceful
Yololodiuuuh - here comes Heidi!
Land mines...
... have been cleared in most places, fortunately
Taking a break - women's style
Taking a break - men's style
Compared to those tires our fat Schwalbe Marathons looked like skinny viennes
Gate to the garden - endlessly creative
Sherma - our lovely host
Look for the two human beings hidden within the patterns
Backyard of our homestay in Khorong
Washing done by boiling
Shopping at the village's shop
Good old USSR
Rolling petrol station
Only 728km to Osh
The loo for sociable people
Teatime in the shelter with Tomas, Patricia and Nicolas
Just climbed another four-thousander peak
Chinese schlock is thundering by
Zigzagging uphill in slow motion
Camping in the vast emptiness
We travelled for about a month (on and off) with our fellow cyclers Patricia and Tomas from Sweden
Cosy homestay
Filtering water from the spare tank
Market in Murghab
Teeny tiny shops
Big shop, small selection
Preparing krut (cheese from yak milk)
Drying yak-pats
Protecting the delicate young skin from the strong insolation
Downtown Alichur
Beer and pickled vegetables...
...and the next day we needed a rest for the stomachs to recover
Good morning ...
... breakfast is ready
Last couple of meters before reaching the mountain peak
Cheered on from the swedish speedies
Done! The highest pass on the Pamir Highway
Our hosts in Karakul
 Relaxing after a day of headwind
Mini kitchen with yak-pat oven
Breakfast tajik-style
Our power snacks
Lake Karakul
Calculating the prices with the abacus
Communal well in Karakul
Big German-Dutch-Swiss-Swedish touring party
Filtering drinking water as long as the liquid is not yet frozen
A new day after a bitterly cold night
Everybody tries to avoid the corrugated tracks
Passing the tajik border post ...
... and crossing the border pass to Kyrgyzstan

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